Christmas Motorola Xoom 2 UK release date, official price

We had hoped that Motorola would have offered us some fresh details on their new tablet during their recent event, but as yet nothing. However, we now have details that could see a Christmas release for a Motorola Xoom 2 release date, well in the UK. Not only that, we also have details of the official price.

The picture that you see above (thanks to Engadget) shows a different design, but will we be seeing it in stores anytime soon? We had expected to see an October 23, 2011 release, but that date has come and gone. We do expect to see the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet released shortly in the US, but this is the first sign of the device coming to the UK.

Engadget has obtained a leaked flyer from anonymous tipster, which is from The Carphone Warehouse, which says “Give something special this Christmas”. That something special is the Xoom 2, which will be released in Ireland for the price of €399.90. This price is just for the Wi-Fi only model with 16GB storage capacity.

Now we cannot be too certain of this news, but we have no reason to doubt it – we just wonder when we will find out for sure?