Happy Halloween Google Doodles: from early days

Today we celebrate Halloween and for many of us around the globe, it’s the time to dress up in scary costumes and makeup whilst enjoying ourselves at a party or trick and treating. Over the past week or so, we’ve reported on a handful of YouTube viral videos, that show how to make your own Halloween costume or apply makeup to get you noticed, or even some ideas of how to use your pumpkin.

Today it’s the turn of search engine Google and how over the years, they too have joined in with the celebrations. Amy-Mae Elliott over at Mashable, has kindly put together some 20 Google Doodles of which we’ve looked through and picked 5 of our favorites.

Now of course it only seems appropriate to start from the beginning with Google’s first ever Halloween illustration. Back in 1999, Google incorporated two pumpkins into the word GOOGLE, as you will see from that time until now, the Doodles have changed somewhat with the introduction of animation.

The year of 2004 is our following favorite, with the emphasis being on Witchcraft. The search engine’s homepage is laid out with the word GOOGLE with a witches hat, broomstick, cauldron and so on. In 2006, the logo was wrapped with bandaging to signify mummification.

Moving onto our fourth favorite back in 2008, with a Doodle design incorporating horror movie’s Wes Craven, with the fifth our ultimate favorite, being that of 2010’s with a storyline from Scooby-Doo. Today’s Google Doodle shows Google employees carving out six massive pumpkins, which are taken as still shots and put together to form a lapse sequence.

See embedded video below. Tell us what your favorite Halloween Google Doodle is from over the years? What are you doing to celebrate tonight?