New Apple iPad 3 display rumors

There’s no doubt that Apple have stolen the show this year with the introduction of the iPad 2, and if news is anything to go by today, the same will be said for 2012. Rumors for the last few months, have been indicating that the Cali company will be introducing a new iPad 3, something of which has received a mixed reaction from fans.

Some have questioned whether we actually need yet another iPad device, whilst others are keen to see what else Apple can devise in terms of new features. The latest rumor for the iPad 3 according to Brooke Crothers over at is that of its display (rumored 10-inches) and the topic of resolutions. It seems that word from Asia based suppliers who have said they are familiar with Apple’s future plans, have stated that the company are looking to include a Retina Display like resolution on their next slate.

This is by no means new to us, this rumor has come up on a handful of occasions, but if true, then Apple’s definition of a Retina Display as reported, will mean “pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixel,” which equates to that of 2048 x 1536p screen with 264 pixels per inch.

For Apple the plans are somewhat “appealing” but for manufacturers the story is different. Creating this but in vast numbers, could in fact cause problems for those on the production line, manufacturing coincidentally is due to commence in November, with a rumored launch next March 2012.

Along with this, the display on the new iPad 3 is rumored to have an overall brightness of 550 nits, which compared to a normal laptop display is about 350 nits.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s display rumors? Is there anything you would like to see included on the new model?