Facebook stirs “Clares Law” safe dating

Online social networking site Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is now home to some 800 million users and the number is continually rising. Although the site provides a good communication tool between users and the outside world, it has and still comes with negative comments, the main being that of privacy issues and the site being accessible to just about everybody.

Today the news, which can potentially be a problem for users of Facebook and other Internet sites, is the chance of meeting an individual who may prove to have violent tendencies. This according to the dailymail.co.uk, has been highlighted with the murder in 2009 of Clare Wood, 36 who met a man over Facebook by the name of George Appleton.

The two had met over the popular Facebook and unbeknown to Clare Wood, Appleton had a long history of violence towards women. Now to give women an insight into a potential boyfriend’s past, a new scheme by the name of “Clare’s Law” has been suggested in the Houses of Parliament, allowing a woman to check if a man has a background of violence.

In a statement from Home Secretary Teresa May she said, “I have been clear that ending violence against women and girls is a personal priority for me and this government. Domestic violence is a particularly dreadful form of abuse and I want us to constantly look at new ways of protecting victims and preventing tragic incidents from happening.”

The new scheme being discussed, as been hit back by some, saying that it could affect a persons’ civil liberty.

What are your thoughts on a new law being introduced to safeguard women across the internet?