Apple start pickup in store

Fans of Apple will be pleased to learn that a new pilot program by the name of “Sherwood” is being rolled out, enabling customers to order goods online with the intention of pickup in-store. It is hoped that the new service will give customers a quick, easy and hassle-free way of shopping.

Any Apple product will be available to order including accessories that are engraved or gift wrapped, as well as devices such as Macs that have been configured for an individual’s taste.

The new EasyPay system as Eric Slivka over at reported, allows an online order to be selected, with customers then asked what Apple retail store they would like to collect their item(s) from. As stated, standard configurations along with accessories will in general be available the same day, on the understanding that stocks suffice. Another option that we like is that you can request another individual to pick up the product for you. Returning of products that have been placed online will now be accepted via Apple retail stores, to prevent stress to the customer.

Due to the nature of the goods, in-store pickup will require you to present proof of purchase as well as up to date ID. This also applies to a named person collecting on your behalf. The new Sherwood pilot program is starting to take affect through certain Apple retail stores with expansion throughout the rest in the future.

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