Economist iOS 5 iPad app problems fixed with update

All iOS publishers know that if they do not play ball with Apple’s terms there will be consequences, which we all know will see an update to mobile OS and your app being rendered useless. This is what has happened in iOS 5, so those that did not conform will now have to make a few changes and resend their app for evaluation.

There has already been proof of this with The Economist iPad and iPhone app. They did not fix the current app; instead they decided to release a new app. This means that you cannot update your existing version, but will be prompted to download the new application from the App Store.

Mashable explains that those who have the current version will not notice the difference with the new one. Before you go ahead and delete the old version once you have the new app, we thought you would want to know that you will not be able to gain access to issues before August 27th. This is a bit of a pain, but it is hoped that those issues will be made available at a later date in a form of update to the new app.