360-degree Panoramic photos with camera ball

As we’ll all aware, the world of technology is continually changing, but just recently we came across a new way of taking panoramic shots via a camera. Bring on the new Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera.

The ball comes equipped with 36 fixed focus 2 megapixel mobile phone camera modules, and on throwing the ball the device takes a full 360-degree panorama when it reaches the top of its flight. The throwable ball also incorporates an accelerometer that will as pcworld.com reported, track the ball’s acceleration.

Gone are the days of trying to position your camera, with the need to constantly turn it around to get those angle shots, and feeling the frustration of something moving in the meantime.

Keeping the ball protected at all times, the device is padded with foam, and when wanting to move the images from the device, this can be achieved via the USB with a view to looking at the photos via the “spherical panoramic viewer.”

The new Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera will be shown off in all it’s entirety at the Siggraph Asia 2011 where it’s hoped to rack up a huge amount of interest.

What are your thoughts on the new Throwable camera?

  • Adlkflsdj

    Panoramic Ball can be useful in crime scenes :)