Sick friends? Heinz Facebook says send soup, not timeline message

The winter months are drawing in, which will mean that the weather outside will drop and so will our immune systems. It’s the time of year when many of us will become unwell due to the passing of germs, made worse by our heating systems. However, when you become ill you do not have to suffer alone, as Heinz wants to keep your sick friends happy.

You will see on the Heinz Facebook page that they have started their program up to send a get well gift to your friends, which means that you can have your message written on a can of soup, and at this time of year it would have to be chicken. You will first need to like their Facebook page before you can even think about sending a get-well gift.

Once this is done you then have a choice between cream of chicken or tomato, you then have to create your very own custom message and then pay £1.99 for the privilege. Okay, so this is a little more expensive than a standard can of soup, but we believe it to be well worth the price. If this proves popular then maybe Heinz might consider adding more flavors?