Parts Review: iPhone 4S

When Apple first released the iPhone 4S each review showed that the design did not excite, although the features on the inside did for those that love Apple products.

The iPhone 4S price is set high, meaning nothing changed when it comes to attracting the lower end market, other than the 3GS model going free on a contract. This may seem a little negative towards Apple, but now we wanted to explain how much money went into building the iPhone 4S.

One article, found here, has taken a look at the iPhone 4S parts, which seems to be one of the most “expensive smartphones” to build. This is the finding of IHS iSuppli after they performed a tear down of the latest phone from Apple.

The table below this article shows the cost of Parts for the iPhone 4S 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Showing the retail prices set by Apple, and then the cost of manufacturing, battery, camera, processor, RAM and other Parts. They detailed study even included the cost of items in the retail box.

Do you think the table below justifies the high iPhone 4S price?