News on Google Easter Eggs: Visual list

Over the years we have seen a number of Google Easter Eggs, along with some very funny gags as well, but it’s the former that we are more interested in. Today we will have a look at some of these Easter Eggs from Google, which we have tried out and are known to work – well most.

PCWorld has an interesting article that offers a visual list on these hidden gems. The first is to do with Google Earth, and how it lets you have a conversation with a Martian robot. This is easy to achieve, just visit Mars and type “Meliza” in the search box within GE; you will then be taken to Meliza’s dusty domain where you can then have a chat with the robot.

There’s another Easter Egg in Google Earth featured way back in 2007. When the new Sky Features was released there was something lurking inside, and that was the Flight Simulator. The final treat that we have for you is a bit of a strange one. It seems that when you visit mobile version from your iPhone and have beta search selected off you can do a funny thing. Just type “Tilt” and hit search, you will now think that something is up with your phone, as the entire screen will be at a tilt.

Please share with us some other Google Easter Eggs you may have found.