More iPhone 4S tests: Battery life draining fast

Apple can again be congratulated for its new iPhone 4S handset, but despite its new features such as Siri voice recognition, 8 megapixel camera with face detection and the new iOS 5 OS, users have still been complaining about the phone’s lack of battery life. Just this week, we have brought you articles talking about this very topic, along with ways of how you can improve its life.

Over at, Apple users have been taking to the site to talk about their battery experiences and tests that they have carried out to try and rectify the problem(s). Click on the link to find out comments. via iLounge were keen to test out the new 4S in comparison to the previous iPhone 4.

Various tests were carried out between the two devices including Video and Audio Playback, 3G Data and so on. Whilst on the subject of 3G, interesting results were seen with Verizon and AT&T models running for a good 5 hours and 54 minutes, whilst Sprint ran behind with 5 hours and 23 minutes.

Signal strength could be a contributory factor towards lack of battery life. Results concluded that the 4S lost out to the iPhone 4, whilst both phones were fairly equal in terms of WiFi and FaceTime testing, with the 4S coming out on top for cellular calls.

Tell us how you are finding your iPhone 4S and its battery life? Disappointed?

  • Icelator25

    It is my first IPhone ever >>>>and i am very disappointed about its battery life ii bought it yesterday fully charged it and in the morning went to work with it >>>i made 2 phone calls and downloaded 2 apps the battery almost died on me before noon time >>>i have not even used it

  • Iphone4s_battery

    I am so disappointed for the battery of iPhone 4S. 
    I even think I bought an used iPhone 4 with new cover! 
    Siri is useless also, it will be faster to use my fingers for task…

    When iPhone 5 will be released…

  • Msharifsmail

    Upgraded from 3gs to 4s.,Battery life on 4s is a nightmare!.

  • aussie

    Battery life on iphone 4s is terrible.Apple should recall iphone 4s and refund before a class-action