Michelle Obama on Twitter

Most of our favorite celebrities are already on Twitter, and for some of you the thought of you missing out on their tweets would be considered a disasters. However, there are those that have still not signed up to the micro-blogging service – yes there really are. We can now tell you that Michelle Obama is finally on Twitter.

Her first tweet was sent during Game One of the World Series 2011, but it was not about fashion, or about the game itself, but instead in support of our forces and their families. The tweet went out on @joiningforces, which read “Military families serve our nation too. Let’s all show our appreciation by #JoiningForces with them. Get involved: JoiningForces.gov –mo.”

We had wondered why Michelle Obama choose to send her first tweet during the first game of the World Series, but Mashable reports that it was dedicated to not only veterans but also service members and their families. We now wonder if she will continue to spread awareness like this or will she also add a few of her fashion tips as well? One thing we can be certain of; she will be tweeting like mad in the build up to next year’s Presidential Elections.