Michael Owen and Joey Barton talking journalists on Twitter

We’ve reported a few times over the past week or so about Joey Barton’s Twitter antics, although over the last 24 hours the Queens Park Rangers football player has joined Michael Owen, Manchester United, in a social discussion about journalists on the Twitter.

Around 19 hours ago Michael Owen posted a message to his Twitter, which said “I received my signed photo this morning, cheers mate, you’re a gentleman and a scholar, and journalists complain if we don’t speak to them. As I’ve said before, the gap is widening and will continue to widen if they continue to print false stories making you look an idiot in the meantime. Why can’t we just have a healthy respect for each other instead of this current rubbish? Do fans really want to read stuff that people haven’t actually said?”

Joseph Barton replied “correct mate. Don’t think they realise without the players interviews, they don’t have much of a product. Respect needed”, and continued “why don’t the players form a union and go on strike with the tabloids, simples! Talk to cameras just no journos”.

Do you think these two professional football players are correct about journalists? They are paid a lot of money to do the job they do, although everyone needs a little respect. Football fans, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Hari Sankar

    True..show some respect to the players…..No wonder media is ranked in the top 5 for corruption……

  • Jason_google

    i agree with owen and barton, journo’s are almost as bad as the paparazzi