iPhone 4S rugged case issues explained

Apple’s new iPhone 4S on the whole has received good positive comments, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for manufacturers of the protective cases. The problem comes down to the new iPhone 4S and its slight design change, in appearance the 4S looks like its predecessor the iPhone 4, but on closer inspection, the ambient light sensor has moved only a matter of millimetres, making it hard for a case to fit snugly around the device.

This week we have brought you a handful of articles in relation to some of the cases already on the current market. Examples of this have included the ExoClear, Otterbox, LifeProof and Comical cases. Today we wanted to have a look at some of the more “rugged” cases being retailed and the problems they may face with the 4S new design.

As David Carnoy over at cnet.com explained, once a rugged case is positioned on the Apple smartphone, the front is blanketed by the cover, but leaves the sensor hidden behind the case. With the sensor now not exposed to any light, the device will dim the screen straight away whilst allowing the battery life to be saved. Click onto the link directly above to find out more.

We have to say there are some pretty fantastic cases out there such as Seidio’s Convert Combo, Sena’s leather Hampton Flip case, Speck’s ToughSkin or Trident’s Kraken II.

Give us your thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 4S design flaw? Have you had any problems getting a case to fit your new smartphone? Are you tempted by any of the cases we’ve mentioned?