In Motion: Galaxy Nexus review

Having already looked at the complete internals of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and also asking if this is a better choice over the S II, we now look at a complete review of this Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich handset. We think we already know so much about the phone, but a recent video review shows the device in motion.

There is so much that we can take from the CNET review, but we cannot help but think that the main focus of the Galaxy Nexus is the size of its screen, the new Android 4.0 OS and also its camera, which we believe to try and take on the iPhone 4S in terms of speed. There are a few disappointments as well, such as the processor, as we had expected a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and not the 1.2GHz version. However, with the help of that 1GB of RAM and ICS, the handset should run like a dream.

The video review is only a little look into what makes the Galaxy Nexus great, but CNET has written a comprehensive review, which has been broken down into a number of sections, such as the screen, design, camera, performance, battery and how they believe that without Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s just another Android handset, which we have to agree with.