Differences for new MacBook Pro: Price, design and processor

It’s understandable to believe that Apple will be releasing a new MacBook Pro as early as next week due to the fact that stocks are now constrained. However, we are still uncertain as to what the differences will be to this late 2011 update. Well, we might have a little insight for you on its price, the design and also the processor.

Let’s get the first two points out of the way, as they will disappoint those waiting for some big changes. A report on 9to5 Mac points to there not being any change to the design, even though we had assumed that Apple were finally going to give it a MacBook Air makeover. Thankfully the price is expected to stay the same – so why all the fuss we here you ask?

MacRumors might have made things a little more interesting, as they suggest that the new late 2011 MacBook Pro will see a little spec bump in the way of a new faster Intel Sandy Bridge processor, all of which are high-end i7 versions. It’s also hoped that there will be a battery upgrade, but we do not hold out much hope on this.

  • Abc_78