Bigger Facebook friend list related to structure of brain

There is much more to Facebook than meets the eye, yes those who have an account are under a constant threat of security issues, and a minority of users involve themselves in bullying; but for the most part it’s just a way of keeping in touch with those on your friends list. For those of you who are told that you have too many people on your friend list, just tell them it’s because it’s related to the structure of your brain.

There’s a report out that suggests that those with a large list of friends on Facebook have a different brain structure to those with a small list – well this has just opened up a whole new argument between friends on the social network. There is an area of the brain that relates to social skills, and it’s larger for those who partake in conversations with more friends on sites such as Facebook etc.

The Guardian has also reported that Baroness Susan Greenfield said that those who do spend more time on social media services are more likely to suffer with a condition known as autistic spectrum disorders. You have to love how you get two studies that both contradict each other, maybe it’s time that we started to disregard such reports, it’s not as if it will persuade us to change our habits?