Windows phone from Nokia to release at World conference

We have now learned that the Windows phone from Nokia will launch next week, which will happen during their 2011 World Conference. Let’s hope that they will also inform us as to which version of Windows Phone it will be running, as well as a release date for the new smartphone. A lot is riding on this handset, as this is considered Nokia’s last chance to climb from the depths and gain ground on their rivals.

Both Nokia and Microsoft have struggled with the relentless pace of iPhone sales and the popularity that Android OS has had, which has helped to propel Samsung along with them as well. We had hoped by the concept images above that the two would have come up with a nice phone, but looking at the new handset over on Phones Review, we fear that it’s just a little too conservative.

However, we have learned not to look on the outside and concentrate on the hardware, which is just what we had to do with the iPhone 4S. If Microsoft and Nokia get things right, then Android could have some serious competition on their hands, as the two certainly know how to build phones and develop software.