Steve Jobs speech quotes ‘Think Different’ Apple ad at memorial

Yesterday Apple held a memorial service to Steve Jobs, who had passed away just two weeks before. You do not have to be an Apple fan to appreciate just what the business magnate/inventor did for the world of technology. Yes there would have been someone else to come up with what he did, but can we say they would have done it as good?

Steve Jobs is not only famous for what he has given us, but also for being one of the best for delivering a keynote speech. That job has now passed to Tim Cook, and it was he who had to deliver a speech yesterday, and one of the quotes was from the ‘Think Different’ Apple ad. Now many of you will know that this commercial was voiced by Richard Dreyfuss, but it was Steve Jobs who did the test voice over first.

If you have not seen it before, then you need to, as it describes all the greats like Albert Einstein, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi. However, we love how it is clever thinking by Apple, as they have always done things differently to others. The Denver Post said that it was very moving to hear Steve’s voice bellowing out across the campus, those who attended said that it was a very touching service.