Social Media jobs revealed for NY, Seattle, San Francisco and more

A few days ago we offered you details on how you can improve your chances of securing a job by making a big change to your CV, and that is by offering a well laid out infographic. If you follow the advice on how to build one then you can then use it to try and secure one of the many social media jobs in a number of areas, such as NY, Seattle, San Francisco and more.

When we think of a job in social media we always think Facebook and Twitter, but there are hundreds of other companies that do the same kind of thing – all be it not on as big a scale. Mashable is a great source of information in trying to help you secure a job, but they have now gone one step further by listing some of the jobs that are now available in this line of work.

Every week Mashable updates their board listings on the jobs that are unfilled, and we can see that there is a variety currently up for grabs. There are presently 51 job board listings and 6 job postings, so open up your infographic resume and make sure that you have it fully up to date – happy job hunting.