Lytro camera up close and price

Earlier today we informed you of the impending release of the Lytro Light Field camera, so now it’s time to get up close with the new device. However, we did fail to mention that the price is up for discussion, as some of our readers have said that it is just a novelty.

In the two videos below they go over some of the main features of the camera, but what we would really like to know is how it performs in real world tests? It’s all very well showing us all the things it can do (and they certainly look impressive) but is there a market out there for the camera that uses infinite focus light-field powered technology?

On a standard camera it only captures a limited amount of colors, but this Lytro Light Field camera will capture the entire light field. From what we can see in the videos the device is very fast and turns on in an instant. There are two storage sizes with a choice of three colors, graphite, electric blue and red-hot. The two sizes are 8GB and 16GB and will cost $399 and $499 respectively. Pre-orders have already started, but you will not be able to take possession of one until 2012.