iPhone 4S SIM eject tool confuses some

No matter how strange it may seem, some people have been confused over the iPhone 4S SIM eject tool and how it works. We’ve had a couple of emails from iPhone users asking how to free the SIM card tray.

Responses to these people have also been mixed, we all know everything is simple when you know how although some other iPhone users joke by giving them options on how to do it, explaining you need Darth Vader, a Paper clip, Smoke and Mirrors and some magic, then telling them it is one of these.

On a serous note, if you’re one of those that have been confused on how to open the SIM card tray on the iPhone 4S, just look at the side, as shown in the image above, and then push the SIM eject tool that comes with the new iPhone in the hole next to the tray. If you cannot find this, then a small paper clip will do. Pushing the pin in the hole will pop out the tray.

You can even buy SIM card tray ejector tools on Amazon and other stores, which work with the 2G, 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4. We cannot understand why someone would want to waste money on them, when you can use a simple paper clip.

Apple has recently declared that a SIM-unlocked iPhone 4S will not be available to the start of next month, although there have been reports of stores offering a solution already. Other users were upset to hear that the Sprint iPhone 4S would not support an unlocked micro-SIM card after the next update from Sprint.