Cloud computing benefits and green technology

Like any new technology that gets launched there will always be pros and cons, and this is just the same with Cloud computing. There are so many benefits for using such a system to store your data, but there is the worry that it will consume a huge amount of power to keep these data centers running. However, there are ways in which companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft can implement green technology to reduce their carbon footprint.

According to Greenpeace they estimate that Cloud computing would use around 622.6 billion kWh of power, and Jonathan Koomey has added that this technology will constitute about 1-2 percent of the total amount of electricity used around the world. The worrying thing here is that’s going by what is in use today, as adoption of Cloud computing grows this could amount to a much larger figure. There will certainly be a spike, now that Apple has made their iCloud service live and Google Apps and Office 365 are also in the Cloud.

Forbes has found another side to this though, where a recent report shows that Cloud computing will eventually reduce a company’s carbon emissions. However, it will not be until 2020 when they will start to see the benefit, but it’s suggested that the larger companies could save about $12.3 billion in energy.