AT&T’s U-Verse TV service engages viewers

It seems as though AT&T’s U-Verse TV service has been getting some good reviews of late, and a recent customer survey shows that users are more than happy with the service that they have been getting. Well things are about to get even better for those who subscribe to the Internet TV Service, as the company wants to integrate social feature and form new partnerships, its these social aspects that engages viewers.

The new partnerships include BuddyTV, WayIn, TV Foundry and Miso, all of which will allow users to chat, take part in polls and even get recommendations of what to watch. That’s not all, AT&T has also made it possible for subscribers to connect some of their mobile devices to their U-Verse device, by doing this there will now be another range of applications available to them.

We cannot see why something like this has not been done before, because while most of us watch TV the one thing that will always be by our side is a smartphone or a tablet device. It’s for this very reason why this service has been outperforming rivals, and offering new and improved features like this will help them stay on top for another few years yet.