Apple activates iTunes Match in iOS 5

Those of you waiting for news on the new iTunes Match service and when it will be available haven’t got too much longer to wait. Reports from some iOS 5 users have stated that the new iTunes Match option on the Music Section of their settings has become visible.

Although the option has up until now only been available to developers, the general public it seems, will now be able to benefit from the new addition. According to AppleInsider, a new toogle switch has become live with the added peace of mind for users, that a software update is not required.

After choosing to switch on the new iTunes Match, users will be met with the option of entering an Apple ID, which is recognisable on their iTunes Match subscription; this is as explained has not been available to us mere mortals, although developers have already benefited. As reported, once turned on, a second control configurates whether the device should be showing all music from the person’s cloud library, or whether just music has been downloaded to the device.

Users to the service will be able to sync their music library with iTunes on the cloud and listen and download them onto any chosen device, for a yearly cost of $24.99.

Give us your thoughts on the new iTunes Match service? Prepared to pay?