Understanding Google Plus age limit

Last month the doors to Google+ were opened wide for the public, which followed a trial run where the service was invitation only. Since this change the people signing up has increased by many millions, although one thing has not changed and that is the Google Plus age limit.

Facebook has been known to have an age requirement of 13-years-old, although we know that not every parent sticks by this rule, and Google Plus set the age restriction much higher than this for good reason.

While Google’s new social network is in a trial run the age limit will not change, although when they made the service open to the public some people expected it to change to the same as Facebook and this has not happened to date.

If you try and join at a younger age you’ll be greeted with a message explaining the feature is “not yet available for your account”, which means you can get Gmail but not Google+. We do expect changes to be made sooner rather than later, but for now if you are under 18, you’ll have to wait.

For those of you that do not know what the fuss is all about then see the video below showing off one of the best Google+ features, and that is Circles. Feel free to read more social media news.

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    Well if Google wants to get a bigger share of social networking  pie, then it should seriously consider revising the age limits. Parents are comfortable with their teens using Facebook, twitter so there should be no reason why they can’t use Google+

  • http://twitter.com/ufon68 Vrata Jindrich

    This is so retarded, as if they have a way of actually telling how old you are. If someone is younger than that, they are going to fill in an older birth date and use the service anyway, even if they have to create a new account. 

    Google is so silly sometimes, this only gets them mad users, like me, who are used to giving false data(yup, the date i was born is nobodies business), and can’t use the service based on that, and can’t go and change the data to something which would allow them to use the service with their old account, you might think it serves me right for providing false birthdate, but it’s google who is losing in the end.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, just like teens that would purposely set their age above 18 to watch certain videos, that is until they find out about pornography websites. Its inevitable and you can’t stop their brains from developing and exploring. Humans are just like water, they will always find a way to get to where they want.

    To “Vrata Jindrich” although many teenagers attempt to overcome this age limit, they are unable to change their age in the future. This means that they would have to close the account, invite new friends and upload their photos once again. 
    Just note that when developing such a big project, there are several protocols which are needed where ‘social and ethical issues’ falls in the category. You are just a number in the minds of the developers. You think the tens or hundreds of participants who helped developed this didn’t see this coming? 
    Nevertheless, I don’t think Google is “losing”, it doesn’t really cost a lot to start and maintain a website which can be profitable in the decades to come. 

  • Guest

    When G+ plus launched I was really excited to use it and so were loads of people at my school, months have passed though and G+ is still not open to teenagers and to be honest I’ve lost interest in Google Plus and so has everybody else, they’ve gave time for Facebook to catch up on all the features and quite frankly I think G+ has lost out on a whole generation of teenagers who now don’t see any point in switching to G+ from Facebook/Twitter.

  • http://www.ryufilms.com RyuFilms

    It’s taking WAY too long for them to open up to under 18s. I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll ever happen.