Motorola uncovers Motoactv, quick visual review

With Apple able to call upon their iPod Nano to offer a solution for those who want to keep fit, it was only a matter of time before their rivals tried to offer the same kind of small device. Motorola has uncovered their Motoactv, and a quick visual review shows us how similar it is to the Nano.

This Motoactv has been designed with one target in mind, and that is to try and get you fit while making it enjoyable. There are loads of devices on the market that try to offer the same thing, but how many of them will have a 600MHz processor in them and run on Android? The benefits of the Motoactv are very evident, which Engadget endeavors to explain in their hands-on review.

No matter how much we try to love the device, we cannot help but feel that Motorola has let us down, as we had hoped that they were going to announce the launch of the Xoom 2. Anyway, we will just have to make do with the Motoactv, which has a starting price of $249 for the 8GB version. The big issue here is that price, as you can get an iPod nano with the same storage capacity for just $129.