Minus launches iPhone app, Chrome extension and Firefox addon

From the moment that we start to learn, our parents teach us the importance of sharing, and for most of us we find that it can be fun, as we share with our friends and family what music we like or the stories that we can tell them. Now that you are grown up you find that there is even more to share, and there are a number of services that make this easy, and one of them is Minus.

This is a multi-platform service, which can be accessed by using an iPhone app, a Google Chrome extension or even a Firefox addon. We cannot say which of the three offers the best service, as they all perform needs for different people. What all three will do is allow you to upload your photos and videos in a way that is not as complicated as other services available.

Let’s take the iPhone app for example, which is free from the App Store. It is said that having Minus on your iPhone will help to simplify your content online, as you can upload while out and about. For those who are on their computers for most of the day will want a solution for uploading their photos and videos, an easy way to do this is by using the Google Chrome extension or the Firefox addon, so you just need to choose which browser you use.