Increasing social awareness for Spirit Day, purple your profile

Tomorrow is a day when Americans are asked to throw their support behind Spirit Day 2011, which is put in place to fight back against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths who are victims of bullying. One of the best ways to support this is by increasing social awareness, which is just what Facebook and Twitter are doing.

There are so many ideas for this day, with organizers of events trying to come up with different themes each year, but they will not have to impact without the help from these social services. Facebook are asking their employees to learn more about Spirit Day and have asked them to change their profile purple for the day. Twitter is also asking us to do the same with our profiles. This is easy to do, just follow the links for turning Facebook and Twitter purple.

Google+ and Tumbler are also getting in on the action, but it’s obvious that they will not have the reach of the big two. However, Google could take advantage of this day if they were to make a Spirit Day Doodle on their homepage, and also link to Google+ for events that are taking place tomorrow.

Mashable says that this is clever marketing for Facebook, as their service is considered a catalyst for stirring abuse. How will you be supporting Spirit Day?