Google+ lacks traction, aims to change focus

When Google+ was first launched we wondered what would be so different from their previous social offerings. However, it did not take long to learn that this new Plus service (which is its common name) was a vast improvement. The issue that Google had was only offering it as an invite only, but it still managed to get a huge number of sign ups in a short space of time. Another issue is understating the age limit, as some parents often have issue with this, which could put potential users off.

The search engine giant has now opened Google+ to the public, but worryingly it has not had the desired effect that they had hoped, as they are still losing ground compared to rival social network Facebook. When you compare the two, Plus has so much more to offer, but they cannot compete with their rival, as they still have the reach.

Now that they know that Google+ lacks traction a change in focus is needed, and this has already started to happen. Google has already shut down a number of services that they see no future in. However, one or two have remained, but they have now become features of some of their other more popular services.

Google+ still has a long way to go to play catch up, and the inclusion of two new services, Real-time search and Improved hashtag support should help them to get another step closer to Facebook.

  • Nick

    maybe they should let teenagers join, considering they are the ones who use social networking the most.