Future Siri updates, incrementally not major

Now that we have had six full days with our iPhone 4S we have worked out all the small little issues, such as the poor performing battery, yellowing on the screen (like last year) and also the minor glitches with Siri, the voice command service that it only part of iOS 5 on the new Apple smartphone.

We cannot repeat all of what we have asked Siri, but let’s say they’re not your normal questions. However, we have also asked it standard stuff, and it is evident that it is in need of some future updates. Now because Siri is only used on the 4S we can expect these updates incrementally and not major, as they will be device specific. Did you know that Siri can sing, see for yourself here?

9to5 Mac says that the first thing that needs to be fixed is how Siri is unable to understand thick accents, such as Scottish etc. There is also a lack of service for users in the UK, such as searching for businesses and local services. The assistant also has an issue taking dictation, which is one feature that Apple should have had from the start, as it is a great business tool. However, we knew that there was going to be a few issues along the way, as Siri is still in beta.