COD: MW3 Logitech Gaming Add-Ons

Call of Duty fans take heed, there is a new range of accessories for your gaming pleasure. These add-ons are designed specifically to aid your game play experience and are surely a must for the avid COD follower.

Accessory giants Logitech are behind the new merchandise, which as Engadget explain, come branded with the Modern Warfare 3 logo. For the $160 asking price you get the G105 Gaming Keyboard and a G9X Laser Mouse. Both items come with FPS features with the addition of “night-vision green” LED back-lit keys for the G105 keyboard.

Looking at the mouse you will find on-the-fly adjustable DPI, with the ability to hold five different player profiles. There is also a color display and an extra 28g weight for better mouse balance when in gaming mode.

For those that are die-hard COD MW3 players these extras can up your game to the next level, so why not check them out and tell us what you think. Would you be prepared to shell out for these gaming assistant aids?