Cloud Computing: Google Apps or Office 365

Cloud computing has now started to take off in a big way, and this has only been achieved with the backing from two main players, Google and Microsoft. Now that these two are on board we can expect great things, but are we now ready for a different way of saving our content, and if we are, which service is best? The two up for debate are Google Apps and Office 365.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, you just need to know what they are and which is best for your needs. We say this because they will offer something different to those wanting to sync their content for business or education, also you need to know what free services will give you the most as well.

A review of both will always give you mixed opinions, just have your needs in mind before making a choice, and if you have an iPad, then see which works best on that tablet along with rival versions as well.

Cloud Tweaks has pitted Google Apps and Office 365 in what they call a Cloud face-off, and look at five key features to help you make a decision, these are as follows: Background, Communication Services, Installation and Ongoing IT, Service Reliability and finally Costs.

Once you have made your choice please let us know.