Update on Gevey SIM iOS 5 unlock

Every new operating system for the Apple iPhone turns out to be a welcomed update for the majority of users, although those that jailbreak their iPhone may like to wait a little longer than the rest.

When the iOS 5 release date came and past, many jailbreakers waited for confirmation on what would work and this included the Gevey SIM iOS 5 unlock. Phones Review recently pointed us in the direction of a video, which can be seen below showing iPhone users how to take advantage of the Gevey Sim unlock for iOS 5.

The only issue seems to be with the baseband, and you’ll have to make sure you preserve it to 03.10 or 04.10. They also pointed out that the best option to do that would be RedSn0w and sn0wbreeze. Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

With the iPhone 4S hitting record sales, and iOS 5 being installed on more devices than ever before, there will be more people that need unlocks like this. Check out the video below, or see the YouTube channel for more details.

  • Pratikarya666

    is there other gevey sim for iphone ios5?

  • Sainy999

    My iPhone will not downgrade, idk wat to do!!!!!!!????

    • Mista2kool4u

      You need Tinyumbrella, IOS 4.3.3 fix located on the same page and what ever iOS you want to degrade to.

  • guest

    How do I downgrade my modem firmware to 04.10 and still keep ios5 software?

  • young mike

    i already updated my iphone 4 to ios 5 and didnt know it wouldn’t work before i did it what should i do to fix this problem and get my phoen to work again?? i really need help

    • Akdjasdasdkmac

      same happened to me..Haven’t used my iphone in 2 days now and i’m already going crazy…just hoping someone will help me out. from the replies i’ve received our best choice is to go into DFU mode to downgrade then just hope we can use our phones again

    • Yoogee88

      (check this out. I hope it helps although I don’t think apple is sigining lower versions anymore)
      I did the same mistake. And had my bb updated to 4.11
      But found an easy way out. Just downgrade your iTunes version to 10.4 and put your phone into DFU mode. Point at ios version 4.3.5 and restore it. Use unmodified ipsw. That should bring your bb back to 4.10
      And then update to ios 5 using custom package with redsnow.
      Hope this helps!

      • Amandasmalak

        How do I downgrade my iTunes version to 10.4 from 10.5? This seems to be my only way out of my dilemma. If not, do you know how to downgrade from iOS 5? If so, please share the details because I cannot go without a phone for any longer.

    • Bwatson2006

      If you have updated your baseband your pretty much screwed!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your Video! I am posting this because you gave me a great start on finishing my upgrade.

    OK so my iphone 4 was on 4.3.1 but I am sure this should be the same for 4.3.3 I used redsn0w to create new softwre package with preserved baseband. I did entered PWNdfu mode and installed the new ispw package while my old att sim was in the phone. after it was done I went through the ios5 start up screen with the att sim in the phone. Next I took out the sim and replaced it with my swedish simcard and GEVEY pro sim. (I wanted to mention that there are a lot of different gevey sims out there. There is only one company that creates the origional but there are very many other companies which creat things called “gevey sims” also. Mine is called the gevey pro which I actually believe is not the real thing. you can google to find out more but you can look into it and see what I mean.) now because there are many different Gevey sims some will show the acceptance screen after you turn the iphone on and others are said to now hve a new step of going into the settings menu, phone, sim options or somethings like that and then select gevey, english or whatever to get the acceptance screen. My gevey sim still pops up for acceptance. now I saw a video saying what I needed to do and I followed the steps but I couldnt call 112 without my phone hanging up the call for me. I thought about it and I just thought about what my NORMAL process was before the upgrade to iOS5. I turned on the phone, waited for the acceptance screen, I accepted it, then I would usually wait for the single signal bar. I have done this so many times that I knew that it useally took about 10 secconds from accepting. I then waited and then made the call to 112. this time I was able to hang up the call. Next I went straight to the settings and turned airplane mode on then off like usual. In stead of turning it on and off tons of times like the video said to do I just waited like usual and finally got past the invalid sim spot and it changed to no service like usual. one it said this I turned airplane mode off and then on again and just like clock work I have service. Thats it I say just stick to what you are use to with your gevey sim before the update and you are good to go. If you dont have an original carrier sim just be patient and go to a carrier store near you and ask them for one. let them know you lost the old one and you were going to go home and set up your iphone. or go to a friend and barrow one and buy your friend lunch. Easy. also do some research. I have been searching these threads for like 3-5 days and between all the questions and answers all of these wonderful people I was able to do this myself without having to askthe same question tons of people already asked. have fun and i0S5 is bad ass. Ill answer any questions I can but I really am just like most of you.

  • Spiru1

    WOW, thanks for this video! I couldn’t get my phone to unlock on iOS5! Was about to give up and go back to 4.3.3 but now I don’t have to! Thanks a bunch guys!

  • Pulli Gard

    what do we do if, we updated to iOS5 but the sim isnt recognised? cos my dad got me and iphone from the US and we got gevey sim for it to work in australia, then stupidly upgraded to ios5 and now the sim doesnt work? 

  • Kev

    ok i have the updated to ios5 with the gevey sim still in and now its doesnt work please help

    • Bwatson2006

      Your screwed then I’m afraid!!

  • Amandasmalak

    As awesome as this video is, it did not work for me. Please help!

    • Bwatson2006

      I used sn0wbreeze to create a custom iOS 5 firmware. Download the proper iOS 5 from apple or wherever and save it on your pc. Download sn0wbreeze and run it. When asked search for the iOS firmware you just downloaded and it will create a custom iOS 5 which will preserve your baseband. Hold shift and click restore in iTunes and browse for your new sn0wbreeze firmware. Let it install and then run your gevey sim as normal. (112 – airplane etc)

  • Niteshrbansal

    by mistake i have upgraded my gevey sim phone to ios5  but when we start our phone massage appears that please insert valid sim prvided by your service operator or get new sim.

    let me know what to do?????

    • Bwatson2006

      If you have not preserved your baseband from ios 4 then the Gevey sim will not work. No way of restoring it either so you will have to hope ultasn0w is updated soon to unlock your firmware.

    • http://www.facebook.com/luis.d.munoz Luis Daniel Munoz

      u need a at&t sim 

  • Benbadaliy

    how do i get the gevey sim for ios 5???

  • Pbecuatoriano

    Hi does anybody knows where the new gevey sim will be out for IOS 5? I’m screw too

    • Anonymous

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