Twitter’s Dick Costolo on promoted tweets and new ads

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have really taken off as we all know, from our personal messages to following our favorite celebrities, we love to get social online.

The companies behind these websites still need to make money, and while the likes of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg wanted to keep their network extremely clean and “ad-free” for many months at the start, there had to come a time when money needed to come.

Facebook launched their ad service, which has seen websites and big brands jump straight in, and Twitter has also launched promoted tweets. The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, has recently stated that promoted tweets are “working” and better than they’d “ever hoped”.

These ads by Twitter launched last year and entered the timeline more recently, although Costolo said more efforts would be made in advertising on Twitter. The user can expect a more diverse range of ads to appear on Twitter in the coming months, which Costolo hinted at this week during Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

What do you think about seeing video-based and photo-based advertising in the Twitter timeline?