Twitter benefits most from iOS 5 release

Love it or hate it iOS 5 has proved a huge success for Twitter since it was integrated into Apple’s latest mobile operating system for the iPhone. In the 6 days that it has been made available the amount in which Twitter has grown has been astounding.

When it comes to using Twitter users love how simple it all is when compared to other such services, and it is for this reason why their user base has now increased to more than 100 million. We can only see this increasing over the coming months, as more people upgrade to iOS 5 or purchase the new iPhone 4S, which they have been doing in record numbers.

The relationship between Apple and Twitter is described as a special one, as the CEO of the micro-blogging website sees the Cupertino company as their “corporate mentor”. It is the fact that they both keeps things as simple as they can, and the integration between the two is proof of that.

iPhone Rumors makes a note of just how much they love the new marriage between iOS 5 and Twitter; it’s been a long time coming but at least it’s finally here. How have you been getting on with the new improvements?