Strained US / Canada iPhone 4S: online reserves

Before Apple’s new iPhone 4S officially debuted at the start of this month, consumer interest was massive. Ok, so the iPhone 5 didn’t arrive but a revamped iPhone 4 is now here, and judging by today’s news, the phone since its arrival last Friday, is now proving hard to buy.

Pre-orders for the new handset went crazy and queues of people formed outside Apple and its carrier stores on Friday to pick up the latest Apple addition. Some 4 million units of the handset were sold just over the weekend, and today according to AppleInsider, US and Canadian consumers will now have to reserve their device online before collection.

Apple’s official set up page “how-to-buy” is now informing customers that they should check back on the page after 9 pm to make a reservation for collection the day after. Customers wanting the new iPhone 4S will be asked what capacity they want, to specify the color and carrier before they can find out whether the store has indeed got the model of their choice.

It was also reported from AppleInsider, that the US and Canada may be joined by other countries, with reports that customers walking into the store, will in fact have to reserve the device the night before.

Let us know if you have experienced this? Any problems getting hold of the new iPhone 4S?