Starbucks Facebook scam, phishers target coffee lovers

For all those coffee lovers out there, we are afraid that there are some horrible people out there, as they have started a Facebook scam, which involves Starbucks. Phishers have already targeted people in the US and Canada, but that scam has now spread to include the nations favorite coffee house.

Facebook users were asked if they would Like Tim Hortons page, and if they did then they would receive a free coffee from not only Starbucks, but a number of other establishments as well, that’s according to Sophos, most of them being in Canada.

We now fear that these scams are becoming a more regular occurrence, and we should now be even more vigilant. They are very clever in how they draw you in, as they take something that is popular and then trick you into clicking on a link, which is when the fun begins.

One of the most successful scams was the Justin Bieber one, as we all know how young girls act around him, so imagine what they were like to get the chance to have his phone number? It’s so easy not to get sucked in, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s not. Just try not to click on any such links.

  • Mercedes Marie Lacson Calayag

    If scammers would only apply their ‘scam strategies’ to actual marketing strategies for legit companies, they would have helped a lot of people.