Roundup of iPhone 4S problems: Battery, Siri, Sprint, iCloud and more

Whenever a new device is launched it is inevitable that there are one or two issue. However, the number of problems that has been affecting the iPhone 4S is worse than we first assumed, so we thought that we would cover them in a roundup. The list of problems includes the battery, Siri, Spriint, iCloud, yellow screen and more.

My friends know that I have an iPhone and they have an Android, and it seems comical that they try to wind me up about the issue that some users are having with their new iPhone 4S handsets. They seem to forget that all devices have their issues, and it is even more common for a few to slip through the system when more than four million handsets have been sold in just a few days.

We already discussed the issues with the battery, which I have to admit has happened to myself and most other 4S users I know. There are also a few issues with Siri, but we need to remind you that it is still in beta, so these faults were always going to pop up.

As for the yellow issue on screen, this was also the case last year and just took time for the glue to completely dry out. 9to5 Mac has more details on all of these iPhone 4S issues.

  • Mercedes Marie Lacson Calayag

    People do tend to forget the fine print on gadgets regarding features and what-nots. As what is expected with new gadgets are boo boos.