QPR’s Joseph Barton needs Twitter opinion

Earlier today we heard about the costs of Twitter rants, which some of the football players were being automatically fined. This was said to be a staggering amount of money, in fact around £1000 per word.

Following on from this we’ve seen QPR captain, Joey Barton, hit the headlines again and certain media is reporting that Barton thinks the Football Association will have “no chance” when looking to stop him speaking his mind on Twitter. Barton is one of the most famous football players for Twitter antics, certainly more than his fellow Queens Park Rangers players.

If you want to keep up with the QPR player on Twitter then head to this page, and you can see the regularly updated Twitter profile (he’s even tweeting while we’re writing this article). Barton also took part in the Professional Players Federation conference on Monday in London, which saw the footballer criticize John Terry and Ryan Giggs at the conference. This was to do with their apparent marital affairs; you can read more on this here.

We also embedded a video below that shows a recent interview with Joey Barton, in which he talks about Twitter, moving to London and buying some Banksy art.

Do you think Joseph Barton should be allowed to voice his opinion on Twitter?