Pepsi support X-Factor USA with Sound Off and Pulse

You cannot help but think that Pepsi has the edge over Coca-Cola when it comes to social interaction, this must have something to do with having a cooler image. They also got a great boost this year by being title sponsors for X-Factor USA. However, not one to sit around waiting for their cheese to get stale, Pepsi has since signed a deal that sees them launch two new digital platforms, which are called Sound Off and Pulse.

However, they all are part of the X-Factor experience and will allow fans to react socially. Those that offer the best comments and share posts will win points, which can then be redeemed as X Factor-based rewards. What Pulse does is integrate itself with Twitter and Facebook in one easy stream.

Both these shows just how far Pepsi has come, but they have always been savvy when it comes to social networking. X-Factor is a huge deal in the USA, as it is the latest show from Simon Cowell. The reason for the success is because it opens up the talent show for all ages, something that Pepsi wanted to be part off. Mashable says that Pepsi has much more planned, with the main focus being on the Super Bowl.

  • Bozena

    Pepsi is X-Factor
    Pepsi I drink
    POP PePsi

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    Chris you are so deserving to be where you are right now,  a star within a star. Keep shining you light and shareing your soul to the world. One step at a time will make a difference to each soul you reach with your voice and words. <3

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  • Toddy Winfrey