New T-Mobile data plans: Monthly4G and Pay by Day

During the second quarter of 2011 it has been reported that Deutsche Telekom group served over 128 million customers, and of these over 33 million were under T-Mobile USA, and the company continuities to try and make it easier for people to “step up to data”.

Today we hear that T-Mobile USA will be starting a new data plan called “Monthly4G”, and this new plan will allow for unlimited web, texting and talk-time. To make things even better, T-Mobile are giving the first 2GB of data at up to 4G speeds, which is great for those with devices that support the next gen speed.

T-Mobile are not stopping there with the changes, you’ll also find three new “Pay by Day” plans that include a plan with unlimited text, web, and talk-time with the first 200MB of data at 4G speeds, which costs just $3 a day. Another offers the same for $2 a day, although that plan does not give any 4G data, in fact it’s just 2G speeds.

The last plan gives talk at 10 cents per minute and unlimited texting for just $1 a day. Let us know what you think about the new data plans from T-Mobile. You can keep up with all the latest mobile and T-Mobile news on OSM.