New for 2011: Angry Birds Halloween

There is not long to go until October 31, and it’s not only a time when kids dress up to try and get candy from the neighbors, but also a time when new games get launched. However, the one that most iOS and Android users are looking forward to the most is the new Angry Birds Halloween Edition for 2011. There is not much to go on, apart from the video below.

However, we know that something special is coming, as we follow our friends in the woods on a thundery evening. They then hear a noise in a basket and look down, they seem surprised by what is in there, but what can it be? Rovio Mobile, are keeping the secret close to them for the moment, but we should not have that long to wait. You may remember that they did a similar thing last year.

We do love how the Angry Birds in the video are dressed up in traditional Halloween costumes, such as a Witch and Frankenstein’s Monster. There have been a few suggestions from 9to5 Mac readers that it could be Om Nom from Cut The Rope, but that’s just speculation. There is the fear that the developer has milked the game for all its worth, and it does not have a long shelf life left, do you agree?