MacBook Air numbers affected: supplier causes

News for HTC smartphone and Apple’s MacBook Air supplies is not looking promising, if reports from multiple sources are anything to go by. Both devices and their production line numbers could be affected due to a supplier that unfortunately has had to down tools.

According to Chris Davies over at Slashgear, the manufacturer in question, is in fact a Chinese firm by the name of Catcher Technology Co, which due to public complaints, has had to temporarily close their production plant in light of a “strange odor” that seems to be coming from the factory.

As to what the smell actually is still remains a mystery, but The Wall Street Journal reported on a press conference statement saying, “Shipments to our customers will inevitably be affected.”

The news is no doubt soul destroying for both companies, but the problem lies with the aluminum chassis for both devices, that allows them to be light in weight and size. The manufacturers have stated that they have no idea as to when work will begin again; this falls down to an inspection-taking place within the factory and passing. Worryingly, total shipments will drop down to 20% this month with this possibly rising next month due to the factory’s downtime.

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