iPhone 4S, Siri and Jonathan Mann partner in music video

If there were ever a music video that needed to go viral it would be “A Duet With Siri” by Jonathan Mann, it’s hilarious and sums up what a lot of iPhone 4S users have experienced with Apple’s Siri.

You can see the 2-minute and 30 second video below this post, which shows Jonathan Mann singing to Siri and also the responses that Siri gives. The song is amazing, smooth and just gets better the longer you listen.

Some Apple fans would remember Jonathan Mann from the Antennagate song. The guy is pure class, so turn up the volume and start your day right with some Siri love music.

We’d love to know what you thought of the music video, so hit the comments and share. Also with the recent problems with iPhone 4S battery life and heat issues, if you’ve got an iPhone 4S then we’d love to hear how good your battery has been so far. Current reports suggest that with iCloud on the battery life reduces dramatically.

  • http://www.marciaforbes.com Marcia

    Beautifully done music video which taps right into our relationships with these media technologies. Wanting to love and even to marry them is what Turkle frighteningly describes in her book, ‘Alone Together’. It’s amazing that, as Jonathan Mann portays, so many Jamaican youths are entirely attached to their cell phones and feel they’d be ‘dead’ without them.