iPhone 4S Diamond & Platinum Edition by Jo-Emma Larvin

We know a few people that would never want an Apple iPhone 4S, and we also know a lot more that want one but cannot afford it at this moment in time, although we’re sure there are many more people that cannot afford the iPhone 4S Diamond and Platinum Edition by Jo-Emma Larvin.

The price for this masterpiece is £20,995, and the partnership between Stuart Hughes and celebrity Jo-Emma Larvin means those that have some serious money can truly have something unique. There will only be 25 of these iPhone 4S’s made.

You’ll find 7.8ct VVS1 Diamonds in the whole surrounding frame, and the solid Platinum Apple logo features 0.53 ct Diamonds and sits on a solid Platinum back. This work of art is pretty nice, and the best part is the use of the biggest storage (64GB) and the device is unlocked (enter sarcasm here).

Jokes aside, gadget fans would love one of these and that includes us. Let us know what you think of the Diamond and Platinum Edition iPhone 4S; also share your thoughts on Jo-Emma, more at stuarthughes.com.