iPhone 4S cases for christmas

Having already discussed the fact that your best iPhone 4 cases might not fit your 4S like we were meant to believe, we already discussed how you can make sure that this does not happen. Just to refresh, try to make certain that the case you pick has a cutout for the volume and mute all-in-one, this way you will have know alignment issues. Now we have established that we can get on with looking for a few iPhone 4S cases for Christmas.

The first one that we have for you is a two-in-one, as it is a 3D Santa Claus with Rudolph case, which changes from one to the other. It’s made from plastic and is dustproof and shockproof, and all for just $2.92, which we have to see is a bit of a bargain.

You have to hand it to the American’s, as they always seem to make Christmas feel even more special than other parts of the world. We can see the patriototic ones having their new iPhone 4S held tight inside this All American Christmas US Flag case. The price for this is a little on the expensive side, as it will cost you $35.97.

Sticking with the Angry Birds theme, which will soon have a 2011 Halloween version of the game released, you can now own a slim yet hard black case with a bird with a festive hat on the back. The price is more reasonable for this one, just $11.95.

The final case is this Santa Claus & Christmas Tree, which will go with the black or white version iPhone 4S, but the latter will help set the case of more. This is the cheapest of all the cases, as it costs just $2.54. We hope that you like our selection?