Ford Sync bluetooth texting with G1 update v3.2.2

We’ve known for some time that texting whilst behind the wheel has and is still a contributory factor towards some car accidents. The dangers have been made clear by countless campaigns, but showing their support to the cause, car manufacturers Ford have designed a new feature that will be implemented into their new vehicles and some older models.

According to, the new technology will allow you to drive, whilst still receiving text messages. It works on the principle that messages will be read out loud as parts of Ford’s new voice activated technology “Sync.”

Its been reported that the new Sync has already been included on all 2012 Ford vehicles apart from the Ranger. Sync works purely through a Bluetooth connection, which syncs to the phone device and alerts the user that a text message has come through. In turn, the message is then read out with the advantage of the driver responding and never having to reach out for their handset. The new technology will be an upgrade G1 V3.2.2 to vehicles 2010 or later and can be installed by downloading the upgrade from the Ford Sync site onto as reported, a USB drive with a set of instructions to follow.

Advice from Ford is to click here to find out whether your Sync enabled vehicle is indeed eligible for any of the Sync updates. It couldn’t be easier by just entering your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN and finding out.

Let us know what your thoughts are with Ford’s new technology? Will it stop drivers being distracted or can you see problems arising from it?