Apple Earnings: Announcement today

There were great expectations for Apple earnings today, but the announcement made today fell a little short. The company has had great success just recently, what with their recent stock and also the popularity of the iPhone 4S.

Most analysts had suggested that Apple earnings will be about $7.28 to $7.30 a share this quarter, which would give them a net value of $29.5 billion in revenue. However, it seems that things have followed the same pattern as they have with Google and other such companies.

CNET News reports that Apple has announced earnings of $28.27 billion in revenue, which is just over a billion off. This is still a good achievement, but still a shock considering their recent form. To put this into perspective, earnings were around 27 cents per share lower than expected. What is most surprising is how Apple missed out on expectations, but we do have a theory on this.

The biggest seller for Apple was their iPhone, and because the new model was four months late, sales started to drop. This has to be a major factor in why earning were lower, but we can see the next quarter being a record for them, as early sales for the iPhone 4S certainly look impressive.