Visualize with infographic resume creator and building tools

Looking to change jobs but want to outwit your rival competition, then the answer first off is a resume or curriculum vitae if you prefer, that looks good and contains all the information that a potential employer is looking for.

A resume as Mashable reported, has to stand out from the rest and a new and improved way of doing this, is by way of an infographic. Gone are the days when future employers could be sifting through pages of past employment and qualifications, a well laid out infographic can be visually pleasing to the eye, if these four tips are taken into consideration.

Some companies have already started to take this on board, and are developing and designing apps to help the likes of you and I create an outstanding resume. Four tools can be used in your quest to creating a resume that will with fingers crossed get you that perfect job. The first is, a new app that will change a LinkedIn profile into an infographic. A users profile once connected to professional site LinkedIn, can be altered be it skills, work experience, awards and so on.

Secondly, a new app will enable a user to access their LinkedIn data and edit it to produce a new web-based infographic. Whilst the layout will concentrate on the users name, career history and so on, graphics, a persons interests and so on can all be added. Kinzaa and Brazen Careerist Facebook App are another two that can be used, to find out more head on over to Mashable.

Give us your thoughts on a resume changing to an infographic?